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Buy your dream sea view in Italy

  With summer here, lovers of sea views and beaches are looking for coastal properties in Italy. With over four and a half thousand miles of beautiful coastline around the boot shape of Italy, there is plenty to choose from. There are also properties to be found to suit most budgets. Following the EU referendum, you may be getting fewer euros for  More...

Reaction from Italy on Brexit

  Expats in Italy were shocked by the news that 51.9% of UK voters decided that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union. Many assumed the EU referendum would end with a remain vote.     Following the news, Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi and other EU leaders quickly arranged meetings to discuss  More...

Expat views on the EU Referendum

    UN figures show that over 4.5 million Britons live abroad, with approximately 1.3 million of these in Europe, and almost 66,000 in Italy. In reality the numbers are probably much higher, with many people trying to keep a foot in both the UK and their chosen home abroad. They often have family and banking interests in the  More...

Italian view of the UK’s EU Referendum

  On 23rd June 2016, the people of the UK have the power to choose whether they stay in the European Union or leave. It is a very complex question, as it affects so many people in very many areas- from farmers and businesses, to workers and expats. To consider each person’s view point is quite mind boggling, and a huge responsibility. Everyone  More...

Comparison of food shopping prices in Italy

  Italy is well known for its good food. Many of its traditional recipes come from particular regions, using ingredients that are cheaply and easily available locally.    Italian Markets Most towns have a weekly market where you can buy freshly picked  More...