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The attractions of buying a property in, and moving to, Italy are obvious – the beautiful hills and lakes, the idyllic countryside, the rich history and ancient architectural marvels, the fantastic climate and, of course, that laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle – but when you also consider that in some parts of the country you can buy a detached villa, complete with swimming pool, for the same price as a flat in many parts of the UK, buying an Italian home becomes even more appealing!
There are, of course, a number of pitfalls you could fall into when buying in Italy. The good news is that these pitfalls can be avoided by treating each step towards completing your purchase with caution – from the planning, visiting and financing of it, through to completion and ownership. If just one of these steps is not managed or researched carefully, problems can arise, especially during these volatile economic times which typically lead to stress and the loss of money!
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The Italy Buying Guide is a free resource service helping you through your property purchase in Italy. As part of the Overseas Guides Company, the Italy Buying Guide covers the steps you will need to take, including the actual process of buying a property, currency, tax and financial matters, learning the language, dealing with legalities and much more! We can help you every step of the way to finding and settling into your dream home in Italy.
All of our writers either live in Italy or the UK offering you the most in-depth and up-to-date information available on the topics that will affect you the most. In addition, we also share information and experiences from expats who have been through this process themselves, advising you on the mistakes they have made so you don’t have to!

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